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The United States Postal Service (USPS) re-added ZIP Code 055 and its zone tasks as a valid Origin and Location POSTAL CODE. If the address can not be read, mail is either went back to the sender (Top-notch Mail with a legitimate return address) or is sent to the Mail Healing Center in Atlanta, Georgia (previously known as the dead letter workplace ). At this workplace, the mail is opened to look for an address to forward to. The contents are resealed and provided if an address is found.

On January 28, 2009, Postmaster General John E. Potter testified prior to the Senate 71 that, if the Postal Service might not readjust its payment toward the contractually moneying made employee retired person health benefits, as mandated by the Postal Accountability & Improvement Act of 2006, 72 the USPS would be forced to consider cutting shipment to 5 days per week during June, July, and August.

Fourth, early issues that rural citizens of the United States would somehow become separated without federally subsidized mail delivery today are just unfounded ... Once both sender and receiver have access to a computer system, the marginal cost of sending out an electronic message is close to no.

Mail (actually the scanned picture of the mail) with handwritten addresses (and machine-printed ones that are not quickly recognized) goes to the Remote Bar Coding System It likewise remedies spelling mistakes and, where there is an error, omission, or conflict in the composed address, identifies the most likely proper address.

Today, U.S. Mail (with the exception of Express Mail) 179 is not provided on Sunday, other than in a few towns where the regional faith has actually had an effect on the policy, such as Loma Linda, California, which has a substantial Seventh-day Adventist population 177 and where U.S. Mail is delivered Sunday through Friday, with the exception of observed federal holidays.

However, both business have transit contracts with the usps mail tracking ( in which an item can be dropped off with either FedEx or UPS who will then provide delivery as much as the location post workplace serving the intended recipient where it will be moved for shipment to the United States Mail location, including Post Office Box locations.